Hi, I'm Tom!

I created Vocalmatic to help people that work with audio recordings save time transcribing their audio into text.

I started programming back in high school years ago. I remember the first day my teacher handed me a book on the Turing programming language. I was completely immersed and spent a lot of my time creating games and applications.

In university, I started off with computer science, but soon switched over to cognitive science where I was exposed to some aspects of artificial intelligence. I was also attending hackathons when I could - I even won a prize at a hackathon held at my school! Following that, I landed a job as a developer at a company where I currently work at.

Along the way, I discovered that I love building products and tinkering with natural language processing. I needed to find a way to package the two together into a product, ship it to users, and hopefully make something useful.

That's how the idea for Vocalmatic came to be. Machine learning is hot right now and various industries could benefit from it's ability to automate a lot of things. The current state of "artificial intelligence" is where we can start to apply various techniques to help augment the way humans work. We are still a long, long (long, long...) way from the possibility of machines completely replacing humans, so why not have them work together instead?

The journey has just started and I'm looking forward to seeing the product get better over time. If you've used Vocalmatic, thank you! It means a lot! I'd love to hear any feedback you might have to help make it the best product for you.

If you'd like to connect, I'm @tomzaragoza on Twitter. My personal website is here.