10 Automated Transcription Fails That Will Make Your Friday

10 Automated Transcription Fails That Will Make Your Friday

Automated transcription software is a tool used by many, and for the most part it's an incredibly effective way to improve your work and life in general.

Like any technology, though, there's always a time or two when software really shows how much more robot it is than human. In these cases, a few silly mix-ups outlined in these everyday uses for machine transcribed audio are definitely chuckle-worthy.

Here are our top ten automated transcription fails that will make your Friday:


While an Ice Maiden does seem like a very cool Game of Thrones-esque job title, I do agree that it's likely not what Great-Grandma Martha was doing 100 years ago.

Machine Transcribed Hobbyist

What is this, 2006?! Bacon as a personality trait is so fifteen years ago! Sorry, machine transcribed audio, you're definitely falling behind on this one.

Krillin a churro, naturally!

This one is definitely one of my personal favourites just because of how wrong it is. I hope changing a podcasts' name and all its marketing isn't a huge undertaking, because it looks like we've committed to this new brand!

This Little Spaniel Went to Market

This is a great example of how automated transcription software often has trouble translating across languages (which is something we can always accommodate and fully support if you need it). There won't be any canine confusion with Vocalmatic!

Devotion-Al Gore

I didn't take Al Gore for the voicemail type - I think I always just assumed he'd send a text.

A Little Too Casual

This is not the message you want to receive from a family member right before the big Thanksgiving dinner, but thankfully in this case we know it was just a #transcriptionfail

Now That's Just Wrong!

This is potentially one of the funniest fails of all time simply because it's just completely off. To only record one word, and it's that word? And they didn't even say it in the recording? Now that's some sh*t!

Fantasy Psychology

As much as I wish this was a real thing, what a hilarious mix-up!

Paternal Removal

This is either a transcription error or a very surprising cold call from an incredibly specific type of hitman - and while I love to be able to rely on technology, I certainly hope it's the latter!

The Hemorrhoid Event

Of all the people you never want to get a call from, it's pretty much guaranteed that a hemorrhoid is at the top of your list - what a transcription fail! 🤦

We hope these silly slip-ups have brought you a smile or two at the end of your week. If you're ready to get started with a superior product that you can enjoy using for accuracy rather than to laugh at its errors, visit Vocalmatic today!

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