10 Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs this Transcription Software

10 Reasons Your Marketing Team Needs this Transcription Software

Any Marketing associate knows that the tools you have at your disposal are crucial to your day-to-day work. The content you create and the tools you use to disperse it are important aspects of the Marketing process.

However, if your Marketing Team hasn't considered using automated transcription software, your current tools and processes may not be performing their best.

Here are ten important ways in which machine transcribed audio supports your Marketing Team:

  1. Improve your Webinars
    Webinars are an incredible tool for marketing teams, but without captions they can sometimes fall short. Create automatically generated captions for your webinars in seconds with machine transcribed audio.
  2. Create Better SEO
    With audio content, it's difficult to plan for the ideal Search Engine Optimization. Any searching is based solely on the text content you do have, typically limiting you to the title and description. With automated transcription you can create captions for your audio content with the click of a button. This text is far more pliable than the audio itself and will easily be incorporated into any SEO marketing you set up.
  3. Ensure Optimal Accessibility
    Being diligent with your audio content to ensure it is captioned opens up your materials to be viewed by anyone, regardless of their preferred viewing method, current viewing situation, or capabilities.
  4. Collect Comprehensive Market Research
    Easily transcribing audio means you can conveniently collect and compile data on your current marketing techniques and methods, which allows you to make accurate and informed decisions for future marketing avenues.
  5. Provide Peak Experiences
    When you provide text where users would otherwise only have access to audio, you level up their experience with your products and services. This creates an experience for users that will keep them coming back for more, making your job in marketing a breeze.
  6. Recycle and Recreate Content
    Whether you're creating brand new content based on previous work or simply updating your existing library, creating new materials can be a time-consuming process. With automated transcription software, you can quickly and easily produce transcripts of calls, videos, and other audio content. This makes it much easier to re-write your video scripts or update whatever needs to be refreshed without having to redo your entire content library, as you can simply search for the words or phrases that need to be changed or saved for future use and quickly swap things out.
  7. Support Searchable Libraries
    Keep users from endlessly clicking around in your content libraries with machine transcribed audio. Supporting searchable reference centres allows external customers and your internal teams to find the information they need quickly and effectively.
  8. Easily Engage Users
    We all know how many distractions there are in our working lives, especially in this Work From Home era. Adding captions to your audio and video content allows for additional ways to view content, meaning that users are more likely to finish watching despite any distractions happening around them.
  9. Reduce Frustration
    We all know how it feels when something isn't working the way you want or need it to. By providing additional ways to consume your content, you provide users with an interface that is less likely to frustrate them, and keeping people happy ensures return customers, good product reviews, and a smooth day-to-day for you and your team.
  10. Converting Content
    With transcriptions, it's easy to pass on your curated collection of content to other departments. This allows you to loop in other teams such as Sales and Customer Service to assist with creating help centre articles, selling materials, and anything else your company needs to provide for their users. This ensures all your internal teams are aligned and saves everyone time to optimize how you work together.

With all of these benefits, how could you say no to acquiring this tool for your team? Once you've decided to get started, check out Vocalmatic to provide your Marketing department with all of these 10 benefits and more through their use of machine transcribed audio.