Voice recognition software is something we see all around us every day. Most of us take advantage of this technology pretty casually, like using Siri to dictate an action on our phone or calling out "Hey Google!" to request that it will complete a command in our homes.

While this software is slowly infiltrating many aspects of our lives outside of work, most users have not yet considered letting it drift into their lineup of professional programs. While this may be something we tend to think of as slightly useful for everyday handsfree activities, it could be what sets you ahead when you add it to all your other tools of the trade.

This is especially the case in Sales. Using speech to text to generate audio-based text files is astonishingly helpful to salespeople throughout every step of the selling process. Today we have compiled the top three ways that anyone can sell better using automated transcription software and machine transcribed audio.

Automate Lead Qualification

Working in Sales can require a lot of manual sorting and sifting to determine who your best potential clients are. Qualified prospects could be hiding in your towering list of unqualified leads and you won't even know it without taking the time to painstakingly look through them all. But with automated transcription software you can easily search past interactions with clients to determine which ones need your focus. You have the ability to easily look up common keywords and phrases used to gauge potential clients' interest and the likelihood of them purchasing your product. Never miss another qualified lead again by automating this process with the use of machine transcribed audio.

Increase Sell Rates

Machine transcribed audio provides you with a transcript of every conversation you've ever had with potential clients. This allows you to go into meetings prepared with what potential clients are looking for and with the answer to every one of their objections. Being able to present your pitch concisely and with the appropriate amount of detail ensures that you're able to easily compile everything you need to make the sale, and it even makes the remaining work (like drawing up a contract or creating notes for a customer profile) easier too.

Close More Renewals

When you've used the right tools to initially sell to prospects, you lay a solid foundation for your future relationship with your now-existing clients. Using automated transcription software you can easily generate the tools you need to renew clients based on past calls. Whether they have spoken to you in the past about objections, key pain points they've experienced with your product, or even their positive feedback, you will have a text transcript to bring into every renewal call so you know exactly what to expect. Preparing for these calls allows you to easily close them in less time with more efficiency.

Just a few short years ago these benefits would be far out of reach unless you had conceded to doing all the work necessary to have them. With today's technology, these tools are readily available at your fingertips and all the benefits they bring are just a click away. Let automated transcription software work for you so you can start selling better today.