When you work in Sales, you want to do everything you can to up your bottom line. A simple way to do this with very minimal effort on your end is by recording your sales calls.

But what do you do with these recordings afterward? Is it worth the effort of tediously listening back to past calls in order to improve future ones? And does this work to improve your numbers?

The truth is that recording your calls and listening back to them can have a positive effect on anything from increasing your monthly commission to improving your future career in Sales. While it's definitely worth the effort, both in the short term and the long, there is also a way to reap these benefits without having to put in the time it takes to listen to your calls allover again.

Here are three things that transcribing your sales calls will do for you.

Increase Your Commission

With an automatic transcription of every call, you can easily identify exactly what your potential customers are looking for with a quick glance of your incredibly detailed and accurate notes (which you didn't even have to type!). This ensures that your calls go smoothly and you can easily draw up a contract without having to make a followup call or clarify exactly what this lead wanted to purchase. Finalizing deals quickly and confidently is the best way to improve your win rate and machine-transcribed audio is the fastest and easiest way to do just that.

Improve Your Sales Techniques

When it comes to selling, technique is everything. Even using the correct wording or terminology with your clients on a call can make or break a deal. With a transcription of past recorded calls, you can easily put together a dataset that outlines which techniques have worked for you in the past, allowing you to continue to use them and improve upon them. Knowing which techniques work best with past customers based on their call transcripts gives you a better understanding of what your future clients are looking for, and this will better prepare you to sell more and sell successfully.

Enhance Future Calls

Knowing what people are interested in based on concrete data helps you better prepare for future calls. With transcripts, you can generate a list of commonly requested items which allows you to up-sell on the spot. Learning from past calls that have gone particularly poorly can also help improve your  call quality overall. You can also use the machine-transcribed audio of the ones that have gone well to generate a script for future calls, guaranteeing that your calls are optimal based on experience.

Overall, recording and transcribing your sales calls provides 1001 benefits to you and your success as a salesperson. While we have only covered 3 today, we saved you reading about the rest so you have time to go get started! Start transcribing your calls today, if you haven't already, to access these benefits and more.