5 Reasons to Use Speech to Text Software More Often

5 Reasons to Use Speech to Text Software More Often

Speech to text software is something almost everyone has access to. It's built into our devices on our text-based keyboards and you can use it to control your smart home speakers, among a hundred other uses. You might even use it unknowingly when you have to make a call to a larger corporation, like when they ask you to say your name or the department you're trying to reach.

Despite the consistent availability, how often do you really use speech to text features? Sure, it's a neat trick to turn your lights a different colour with a simple phrase the next time you have guests over, but are you truly using it to its full potential? If not, there's a possibility doing so would vastly improve your everyday life.

Here are five key reasons why you should reconsider your current use of speech to text software to further incorporate it into your routine.


Painstakingly texting out what might just be a quick message to someone can be a huge ...well, pain! Whether you're in a rush or have another task you need to move onto, it's frustrating to have to sit and type things out when you could be using that time for other efforts.

Speech to text is a perfectly speedy way to avoid spending more time than you need to typing things manually.


On a similar note, spending less time on typing or texting can vastly boost your productivity. With the time you get back you're able to spend it on what really matters and might even be able to add one or two more projects to your plate.


We're all busy, and sometimes we just need a small jump in convenience to make something work better for us. The speech to text capabilities on your phone ensure you never have to put anything on hold, even when you're driving or otherwise can't currently use your hands.

Using speech to text is a perfect way to make your everyday life that much more convenient.


Speech to text is an incredibly versatile and accessible feature. Whether you're suffering from a temporary injury, just have your hands full, or have a long-standing need for accommodation when it comes to entering text; speech to text is the most simple way to get whatever you need down on ...well, not paper, but you know what I mean.


In most cases, speech to text capabilities are completely free. They are already available on most devices and there are free apps you can download to use speech to text capabilities where they are not already available.

Using speech to text, in almost every case, provides you with all of the benefits and none of the additional costs that can come with new software.

Automated transcription software has unlimited capabilities, uses, and formats. With speech to text being one of the latter, using it in your everyday life means that you're benefiting consistently from all machine transcribed audio has to offer.

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