5 Ways Automated Transcription Creates Less Work

5 Ways Automated Transcription Creates Less Work

No matter what job you do, there's probably certain aspects of your work that you do throughout the day while thinking, "God, I wish I didn't have to do this".

The good news is that, in some cases, there is actually a way to blow off certain aspects of your job while your work still gets done. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, if that's unbelievable, you might call me crazy when I tell you that you can create less work for yourself by getting robots to work for you instead.

Okay, so this might not be what you just pictured in your head (I'm assuming some sort of robot butler or a mechanical clone of yourself that you can place at your desk and set to autopilot). However, there definitely are ways in which machines can take over the more mundane aspects of your everyday life. Machine automation is a great way to create less work for yourself, or at least allow you to focus on more human work while your computer silently takes care of the rest.

One key way to quickly implement these improvements in your day-to-day is by starting to use an automated transcription service. Automatically transcribing any or all of your written work is a great way to free yourself up for other things.

Here are the top five ways in which automated transcription creates less work where there is already, as I'm sure we all know, always so much:


Even for the fastest typists, automated transcription can save you time. Machine transcribed audio allows you access to pages of text which can be transcribed in minutes, all while you're freed up to work on other things - or even take a break!


Mistakes are inevitable in all aspects of life, but machine transcribed audio takes away the chance of awkward typos slipping through into your documents, emails, or transcripts.

Cost Effectivity

Saving time, as we all know, is saving money - and with the time you save by reducing your manual typing, the amount you're no longer spending adds up so quickly. Automated transcription services are often also incredibly cost effective meaning the investment more than balances out.


Creating more time in your workday ensures that you're able to focus more on growth, and creating automated processes means your team, work, and reach can expand without all the time it normally takes to train on manual processes.


Overall efficiency is a huge factor when it comes t0 the improvements automated transcription can bring into your day. By saving time, money, and the pain of creating text-based documents manually, you create a far more efficient work environment for yourself as well as the rest of your team.

Are you looking to take advantage of all of these benefits so you can work less? You can get started with automated transcription software today by visiting us and signing up at Vocalmatic.