It's safe to assume that everyone's heard the saying about a worker only being as good as their tools, but this classic one-liner is the perfect quote to explain working in Sales.

We all know that your skill and talent are crucial qualities for working in Sales and can't be gained simply by purchasing the latest software or signing up for a cool new app, but even the best Salesperson can't deny the competitive edge that a great set of tools will give you.

Especially in the work-from-home era it's important to make sure you have the optimal set of tools - and this is particularly important when it comes to audio. Producing clear, high-quality, and accessible audio is not just a bonus, it's a necessity.

A quick and easy way to improve all aspects of your selling game is to implement automatic transcription software into aspects of your daily work life. Crucially, you can use this software to improve the audio tools and materials that you already use (and will likely always need to use) while selling.

By using machine transcribed audio you have the capability to improve your current use of audio in many ways, but here are five important ones:

  1. Easy Analysis
    Using automatically transcribed audio, you can easily review your current audio tools by running automated analysis on the text copies of them. This allows you to instantly see what's working well and where you can improve.
  2. Pivot with Ease
    Transcriptions of your audio content are much easier to review than the audio content itself, meaning that if you ever need to make changes you can simply hit ctrl+f on a lengthy page of text rather than listening to countless minutes, hours, or even days worth of sound.
  3. Internal Performance Improvement
    Transcriptions of each call a Salesperson makes gives the company a clear view into where sales calls are succeeding and where they're not, and includes every detail so you never miss any of your potential customers' feedback. This means that it's easy to create individual performance improvement plans, implement company-wide enhancements, and even create optimal training programs for any potential new Sales employees.
  4. New Business Acquisition
    In most cases, it takes more than a single phone call to sell to a potential client (unless you're really lucky!). New business deals require planning and payments and paper pacts, oh my! With machine transcribed audio you save yourself having to draw up all these documents yourself.
  5. Client Renewals
    Not only does machine transcribed audio save you mundane work that goes into renewing a client; by using the advantages outlined above, it also allows you to provide such an optimal customer experience that your customers would be fools not to renew their contracts!

Having the right software is the best way to ensure you stay ahead of the competition, and growing within your industry is simple when you use machine transcribed audio to improve and perfect your existing audio tools.