An Interview with Simay Onder

If you've been following us over the last few weeks, you may have heard us talk about the use of automated transcription software in Sales (which would make sense because, well, it's all we've been talking about). But it's one thing to talk about how this type of software can benefit anyone working in Sales. While it certainly does, listing off the ways in which it may be helpful to you is no substitute for a real-life example of exactly how it has helped someone else.

That's why we decided to speak to a real, live Salesperson and get their perspective on how machine transcribed audio can improve the day-to-day in the world of Sales.

Simay lives in Toronto, Canada. She works at a rapidly growing startup downtown and uses automated transcription software in her day-to-day. Most importantly, though, she works on her company's Sales Team. Simay is an incredible Salesperson who has been the recipient of many accolades from coworkers and managers alike, and her use of machine transcribed audio has been a contributing factor to her achievements. We asked her what it is about automatic transcriptions that has helped her be successful in her field, and here's what she had to say:

"I think one of the key benefits is self-learning," she explained humbly. When you have the ability to refer calls and transcripts, you can see exactly where you need to improve your Sales skills for future use. "You don't always catch yourself making the mistake in the call, but listening to any of your own calls gives you an incredible training perspective." This can improve your day-to-day in a multitude of ways, whether it's preventing future calls from taking a nosedive or just making small continuous improvements to the way you work. "It allows you to catch your own mistakes when you're not actually live in the situation." Because, as Simay puts it, "During the call you can't. You're trying to sell."

"My notes aren't as important anymore," she also told me, saying that while she still takes notes on calls: "I have a failsafe so that I can go back and refer to a transcript." We have often stressed the fact that automatically transcribing your calls means that you don't need to rely on yourself to remember every detail of a call. "You never remember the entire conversation," she stated in an alarmingly relatable way, and that this is an apt statement as everyone could use a backup for their brain every once in a while. Having a transcription of every call at your fingertips means that every detail is accounted for, and sometimes the smallest detail is what makes or breaks a deal.

Simay had many wonderful things to say about machine transcribed audio from the perspective of a Salesperson. She has been able to use this tool to her advantage in the Sales realm, and so can you! Getting started today gets you one step closer to working like Simay, and if her feedback here is any indication that's a very good place to be!