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Analyze your Customer Service Call Recordings using Auto-Transcription

Analyze your Customer Service Call Recordings using Auto-Transcription

I personally think those working in customer service deserve a lot more recognition. They always deal with a lot of angry, frustrated customers, but dutifully take care of the situation and make the company look great as a result.

If you're a company with an amazing customer service team, make sure you thank them!

And if you really want to help empower them, one thing you could do is task someone with analyzing call recording data with the goal of trying to find insights.

One way to get started is by auto-transcribing their call recordings into text. After that is when you can dig in to find insights. Following that, you could analyze the transcribed text and help you make data-driven decisions at your company.

A great benefit of transcribing your call recordings is that you'll get the chance to learn about what customers tend to call about.

This could be a great resource to see where you can improve things.

Say for example that a good number of customers are calling in to complain about your website. They could be saying things like "your site is slow", or "I can't process my payments at checkout".

Whatever it may be, a transcription of the calls could help you uncover how often a word or phrase like "slow" or "can't process payments" come up. If they come up often, it might be time to revisit these problems are solve them for your customers.

In a future post, I'm going to write about how you can take action on this using Vocalmatic.



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