Automated Transcription Software in the Music Industry

Automated Transcription Software in the Music Industry

All across the music industry, it’s assumed that the majority of focus goes more so into the creative aspect of a finished product and less on the processes used to get there. But there are so many moving parts when it comes to music, and many of them are far more technical than they are creative (although the creativity certainly helps, no matter what your role is!)

The thing a lot of people don’t realize is how much work goes into making music behind the scenes. From keeping a record label running to working in a recording studio, there are plenty of other jobs in the music industry outside of being the lead vocalist in a band (a tragedy for anyone who loves to sing in the shower but knows they could never make a career out of just that skill alone).

What isn’t a tragedy is that there’s always software available that can make your job easier, and for many folks in the music industry that is automated transcription software.

Here are a few different aspects of the music industry that can be optimized by the use of automated transcription software:

Office Administration

The backbone of any company is their administrative workers and this is absolutely as true of the music industry as it is in any other business. Having access to automated transcription software can provide automation where processes were previously very manual. This gives your office workers the time and capacity to focus on other things outside of manually taking notes or transcribing information.

Meetings & Calls

With the use of machine transcribed audio, some in-person meetings and all of your calls become a breeze to work around. You’re easily able to follow up from an important lunch without having to awkwardly take down what needs to be actioned over dessert, and you’ll never forget a single detail from an important call despite not having to take any notes.

In the Studio

There isn’t always time to write down everything you need to do or remember, and this is especially true inside recording studios. Between the chaos of different artists coming in and out and the sheer volume of work that has to be done while collaborating, it’s difficult to recall every minute thing that you need to. However, with automated transcription software, it’s easy to keep track of everything without ever having to stop and write it down.

Data & Reporting

Every data analyst knows that some aspects of their work are difficult, if not impossible, to summarize. Data is subjective and reporting on it can be skewed depending on how much information you have or how little context is behind it. When you use machine transcribed audio to create transcripts and other text-based files, you have access to information you previously couldn’t have, giving you a far easier read on what you need to know and convey in your reports.

There are unlimited uses for automated transcription software in any industry, but music is one in which it’s currently not fully utilized. Optimization of your everyday work and your career as a whole can be greatly benefited by machine transcribed audio no matter what you do in relation to the music industry.

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