Professors this fall are likely facing the typical challenge of how to grab and maintain student's attention, but the current school year taking place remotely has really added to that challenge. If this is something you're struggling with as a professor, automated transcription software may hold the timely solution to this critical problem.

This week we're providing some ways in which automated transcription software, and using it to closed caption your lectures, can help keep students focussed in class.

Capture Everyone's Attention

If you want to improve retention within your lectures, you know that your focus can't just be placed on just some of your students. You need to reach everyone with your lectures to keep the whole classroom engaged. By using closed captions your lectures immediately become more accessible and you can instantly overcome difficulties such as language barriers and the abilities that vary between you and your students. Whether you are professing to the hearing impaired, ESL students, or anyone who may not be able to rely solely on audio, automated closed captioning is the solution to keeping them focussed without having to add any work to your already-overflowing professor's plate.

Give Yourself a Safety Net

If you're lucky enough to have not yet experienced internet quality issues within your Zoom classes, now is a better time than any to prepare for the inevitable (and if you have had this happen already, my condolences - but I'm happy to solve this for you right now). Sound is often affected within online lectures even with the best internet provider. Using audio transcription software to add captions to your lectures will allow you to navigate smoothly around sound issues without ever shifting your focus from presenting your scheduled lecture content. With captions, it doesn't matter if a shaky connection suddenly cuts you off! If the audio happens to cut out at any time, closed captioning will be the self-starting safety net that ties your lecture back together again in a flash.

Improve Your Own Grades

That's right, we know that the success of your classes also correlates with your own. If your students are in any way responsible for your success as a professor, whether that involves providing feedback on your teaching or reviewing you to your superiors; keeping students fixated on the lesson at hand is critical. With captions, your lectures become accessible in other ways besides audibly, and students immediately have twice as many ways to pay attention. If you think about it, remote learning is kind of a blessing in that sense! Adding closed captions to your lectures has been proven to increase your own image as prosperous students are far more likely to provide positive feedback about you. Closed captions will not only make your students more successful, but they'll do the same for you.

When it comes to keeping your students' attention, the struggle can be particularly difficult when you're teaching from home. Remote learning is a challenging space in which to keep students engaged, and it's sometimes more difficult to even know when they're not. By using automated transcriptions and creating captions for your lectures this challenge is virtually eliminated, letting you focus on teaching while your students can focus on... well, you!