Efficient Product Management Using Machine Transcribed Audio

Efficient Product Management Using Machine Transcribed Audio

Product Management is all about problem-solving. When it comes to planning, making decisions based on what can be automated is a huge time-saver for both internal teams and for customers. From reduced wait-times and a higher quality of service, basically anyone using your software or services benefits the more automated your approach is.

However, when was the last time you considered increasing the efficiency of your own process? Because doing so is an effective way to enhance your own work as well as your team's. Who wouldn't want to have more time to spend on the more intricate details of Product Design?

Whether you're working from home, your office, or some tiny cottage in the middle of the woods that magically has a stellar wifi connection and no surrounding COVID-19 cases; a key aspect of Product Management is your own efficiency. Bettering this part of your workload is a great way to save time, increase focus, and even expand your capabilities to projects you never thought you'd have time for.

Automated transcription software is one simple and accessible way to boost your efficiency by using audio and automations in your everyday work. "So how do I learn more?!" you may ask - well, simply continue reading!

Never take another note.

Automated transcription software provides you with the perfect chance to live out your childhood fantasy of being a private eye. Walking around and talking into a tape reporter not only makes you look like a badass, it allows you to automatically generate text-based files of your notes, which is a way more reliable storage method for your ideas than the old notebook sitting on your desk. Automated transcription can replace many forms of writing that you would normally have to do anyway, but now you can still complete the same tasks with so much less manual effort.

Maximize your audio content.

With automated transcriptions, you can easily create transcripts of any other audio content you use on a regular basis. This applies to demos, product videos, and anything else you need. Having a text copy of your audio allows you to create searchable libraries, add captions to increase accessibility, easily recreate scripts for future recordings, and essentially everything else you can think of!

Record your customer calls.

Generating transcripts of your calls is another way to make use of machine transcribed audio. Calls with customers to review their product needs are important but can be chaotic. From a client jumping around on multiple issues to multitasking on your end, you'll never need to worry about missing a detail with automated transcription software. Let the machines take care of taking notes and remembering the intricacies so you can focus solely on the human interaction.

If this isn't enough to sell you on making your life easier with automated transcription software, head on over to Vocalmatic to learn more about how this software can change your work and even your life*!

*Alright, maybe a bit of an overstatement - but it's still a game-changer!