If you work in Sales and aren't already recording your calls, you're definitely in the right place. This week we've compiled a short list of conclusive reasons why you should start recording your sales calls immediately (if not sooner).

For Sales in particular, call recording is absolutely crucial. Having access to past calls is a tool that is worth its weight in gold when you're trying to meet a quota (or surpass it!). Frankly, if you spend your days selling and haven't starting this practice yet, you might actually have superpowers. Call recording to the modern salesperson is just as important as actually having the phone you use to call people in your possession. We know that recording your calls will improve your day to day the second you start doing it, and here are four reasons why.

Improve Your Win Rate

I mean, this reason really says it all. Why even read further after knowing that this is an option? (Please do, though - I get paid by the word.) In all seriousness, though; with a record of all the things potential clients tell you about the product you're selling, this can easily transfer over to other aspects of the business which will in turn help you sell for it. Product improvement from real-time customer feedback allows the product to evolve in a way that buyers want, and in turn makes it easier for you to pitch it to new customers. This can lead to smaller, immediate product improvements that help you close a deal to long-term solutions which will increase your numbers in the future. Help yourself with those recorded calls for now and for later!

Enhance Customer Experience

Call recording is perfect for creating happy customers, and a happy customer is more likely to buy from you. This not only increases your conversion rates, but it ensures that clients are going to buy from you and not someone else out there. In a competitive market, recording your calls will allow you to retain what you learn about leads and build the trust that comes with the personal relationships you build with them. And of course, automatically transcribing those recorded calls gives you the text you need to generate customer profiles so you never miss a single detail when you call those leads back. Recordings allow you provide a world-class experience to your potential customers which is the metaphorical red carpet that leads new customers into your business as a whole as well as into your closed accounts.

Improve Future Calls

Being able to listen back to past calls will let you to improve any future calls you make. Recording your sales calls allows you to learn from situations where a deal is lost because having easy access to the recording shows you exactly where a failed sale soured. Completing these types of post-mortems are crucial because, let's face it, you can't win every deal! But you can certainly always prepare to win the next one, and call recording is a perfect tool to use when doing so.

Laws & Requirements

Let's face it, this is the least exciting side of call recording. However, the fact that it can save you a huge hassle in the right situation is insurance that's good to have. When you record your calls, you can prevent potential disputes from past sales, ensure you're meeting any necessary company requirements around record-keeping, and (worst case scenario) can avoid potential legal issues if they ever come up. Having a recording of every call, which can easily be automatically transcribed into a text document, could save you from a situation that you least expect.

Overall, recording your calls is a critical tool to use when selling. While audio recordings on their own are incredibly useful, you can also use these recordings to automatically generate machine-transcribed text of your calls so you'll never forget a single word while also never having to write anything down. With no work on your part you can have auto-transcribed documents of every call you've ever made and overnight gain every benefit listed above plus some. So what are you waiting for? Start making those calls, and don't forget to record them!