Sales can be a challenging department to navigate. With a competitive nature that takes place in a high-stress environment, Salespeople can be presented with many obstacles throughout their careers. However, with a pressure to meet quotas and hit goals, one challenge that is not often examined is that of accessibility.

By increasing the accessibility of Sales, you open yourself and your team up to a wide variety of potential expansion opportunities that were previously not even on your radar.

Here are the top five reasons why machine transcribed audio is the tool you need in order to create an accessible and inclusive Sales process.

Cater to all Audiences

By creating content that is accessible to all audiences, you're able to reach out to potential customers you may not have had a change to connect with previously. Catering to all audiences regardless of circumstance is easy to do through automated transcriptions and increases the amount of people you reach through Sales.

Enlarge Your Audience

Using automated transcription software allows you to easily generate text files of any audio. This ensures you can easily add captions to videos and provide transcripts of calls, among a variety of other things. Doing so allows any outgoing content to be easily searched. If you're adding text to materials that are published it will allow your products and services to more easily show up in searches with search engine optimization (or SEO). Adding text to your content will bring potential leads to you through marketing rather than have you searching for them.

Allow for Self-Service

By providing leads with marketing materials after your sales calls, you ensure that potential clients can review your product or service's information at their own pace, in their own time, and using their own methods. This gives everyone you speak with the ability to consider what you're selling through accessible marketing materials. Easily allow prospects to revisit your content after it has been presented to them with the use of automated transcriptions.

Be an Industry Leader

By engaging in practices that use automated transcription software, you move your industry along in a way that is just starting to pick up across companies everywhere. Not only does this allow you to get ahead of the competition, it gives your business a claim to leading your own industry (whatever it may be) into the future. Of course being inclusive to the audience you're reaching out to is the main goal, but it's certainly an added bonus to be able to be a part of this progressive step forward in the professional use of technology.

Guideline Compliance

Depending on your Sales content or materials, in some cases you are required to ensure they are generally accessible to any or all potential users. Using automated transcription software ensures your business' compliance to these guidelines should they apply, and it ensure that you're ahead of the game in case they have not yet come into play.

Overall, accessibility is often not considered nearly enough - and that applies to all industries. By using automated transcription software, you can make sure that your Sales team provides accessible outreach, which is of huge benefit to the team and to your customers.