How Automated Transcription Transforms Product Video

How Automated Transcription Transforms Product Video

Product Managers know how important video tools are when you're prioritizing (especially in the work-from-home world a lot of us have newly been placed in). With the reporting of bugs and potential new features, the release of new updates, and for a thousand other everyday tasks, video is a great way to share information with. your team, customers, and beyond. This is even more true when you're not in the same room as your coworkers but still need to provide them with clear and accurate information about task at hand.

We also all know the struggle of trying to get your video content into text form. Tediously entering information into a product mapping software is necessary to get tasks assigned to your team, but what if it was possible to make a quick video and have the rest of the work done for you?

Product Teams in particular know how important saving time with automation is. They're typically key players when it comes to taking advantage of it. It only makes sense that Product managers would be keen on using automated transcription software to increase the efficiency of every time-consuming task we've already mentioned (and more!).

Continue reading to learn about three key ways that machine transcribed audio can transform the video content your Product Team uses.

  1. Workload Reduction
    Reduce the number of times you have to repeatedly do the same thing with automated transcription. Video content quite often contains information that will also need to be recorded in other places, like in your product roadmap, release notes, etc. and using automated transcription software allows you to simply generate a text file of your video's audio. That's far easier than typing everything out a hundred times!
  2. Content Recyclability
    Your Product videos don't all have to be one-time-use creations. With our software you can easily and automatically generate your video's audio into a text file which can be used for future products. Whether you're turning an internal video into a customer-facing one, creating updated content to replace what's in your existing library, or simply need to pass on a report to another team, you'll never have to re-type another with machine transcribed audio at your disposal.
  3. Ease of Access
    Video tools can be a game-changer to your team, but only if they're accessible to everyone. By creating a text copy of your video content you provide a way for everyone to use these tools in the way they're most comfortable. Providing a text copy or even adding captions to your video content is fast and easy with machine transcribed audio. Who wouldn't want to use something that requires so little effort yet provides such a huge boost in inclusivity?

These are just three key ways in which automated transcription can completely transform your use of video in Product Management. There are so many more benefits and plenty of other uses, but if these three alone have already convinced you then hop on over to to check out just how easy it is to get started today.