Automatic Transcription Software that Transforms your Customer Experience Audio

Automatic Transcription Software that Transforms your Customer Experience Audio

Automatic Transcription software has the capability to improve many aspects of your professional environment. This tool is a solid addition to your workplace no matter what type of work you do, but the benefits of having machine transcribed audio at your fingertips are especially palpable within Customer Experience.

Bettering the many ways in which your Customer Experience Team functions will not only improve internal operations; it will also greatly benefit your customers. While that almost seems like an obvious statement (probably because it is), it's still worth taking note of!

Your customers are the reason for your business, and if their reaction to your product is the SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY meme, it's safe to say that your business is doing well. A great way to keep clients happy (or to get them there if they're still catching up) is to set up your Customer Experience Team to succeed.

Here are a few ways that automatic transcription software can help.

  1. Record Keeping
    Taking notes on customer calls is never an easy task, especially when you already have to balance your active listening skills, looking your caller up in the system, and taking any action they require from you at the same time. With machine transcribed audio you don't need to worry about taking notes in the moment because everything from your call will automatically be written down for you once you hang up.
  2. Diagnosing Key Areas of Improvement
    Reviewing your team's audio content is the best way to figure out what's working well and what isn't, but listening to hours of audio is time-consuming and, let's face it, boring as heck! With automated transcription software, you can review content in far less time - or even completely automate your review process.
  3. Training Purposes
    Training new hires can be a challenging gig, but it's especially so in Customer Experience. The amount you have to learn when you first start on this team is astounding. Keep your training plans easy to manage and update using text transcripts of previous calls and other audio-based interactions with your customers.
  4. Customer Profile Creation
    Customer Profiles are the best way to efficiently provide flawless interactions with your customers every time. Machine transcribed audio allows you to easily create profiles based on your customer's conversations so you never forget a detail and can pick up right where you left off during every new call.
  5. Legal Liability Coverage
    This one isn't the most fun to think about, but having a record of your customer's interactions allows you to operate on the safe side. Your Customer Experience Team is the most common (and sometimes only) point of contact your customers have with your business, and having a text-based record of this contact is better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Your Customer Experience Team is one of the most crucial aspects of your business, and enabling their use of automatic transcription software is a perfect way to keep everyone's experience (your customer's, your team's, and your own) top-tier.