When you're qualifying sales leads, you may find yourself manually slogging through a ton of information in order to pull the right data from it. Often this information can be completely based on your own notes or other items that have been quickly jotted down while engaging with potential clients, leaving you to struggle gaining insight into your sales calls.

Having all the right information is important when you're qualifying a lead because, well... I don't know a single salesperson who wants to keep pitching to someone who isn't interested in said pitch, or to someone who won't be a long-term and successful client once they've surrendered their credit card details.

But why, in particular, use automated transcriptions to improve the lead-qualifying process? Here are two key ways machine-transcribed audio will help you easily and accurately qualify leads:

Skip the note-taking, go straight to the sale.

Do you know how much time you spend writing things down in just one week? It's surprisingly more than you would expect. This can include anything from taking notes while speaking with clients to sending followup emails and writing to your internal team. Taking notes manually can often specifically increase your call time, and the more time you spend on even one call the less time you have to make others (I mean, obviously... but it bears stating here). In some cases cutting down each call you make in a day by 5 minutes allows you to make 1-2 additional calls, and we all know that more time spent on the phone makes it more likely that you'll hit those targets.

It also allows you to skip a lot of the followup you may be doing currently as you'll never have to call someone back to clarify anything - everything they said is already accurately transposed for you without any manual effort. Transcriptions give you access to everything your client said while on the phone with you, meaning you can get back to them quickly with answers to their questions and you'll never miss a single action item they've asked for.

Introduce other automations to qualify leads automatically.

Having transcripts of your sales calls can be the first step to an entire world of automation. Using these automatically generated texts, you have the capability to automatically search for keywords that indicate a higher or lower likelihood of making the sale, and then pursuing those leads that are most likely going to buy. This also allows you to automatically detect exactly what each client is looking for so you can actively sell towards those looking for features that you product currently has. This way if people are looking for specific items you will potentially implement in the future, you have a way to put a hold on those leads and reach out to them again as more applicable features become available.

This type of automation extends pretty much as far as you're willing to think of, allowing you to use hard data to calculate exactly which of your inbound and outbound leads should be qualified. It will also do this a lot faster and more efficiently than one human brain could in a week. Why wouldn't you want to have access to what is basically a sales superpower?

These two simple items alone are enough to make me wonder: Why the heck aren't you already using machine-transcribed audio in your everyday sales practices? If you aren't already, now is the time to change and step into a world of increased numbers and less work - and who wouldn't want that?!