How Machine Transcribed Audio Improves Your CX Video Content

How Machine Transcribed Audio Improves Your CX Video Content

Customer Experience is one of the quickly emerging main focus points for new businesses. Companies have had their own support lines or utilized call centres for as long as those things have existed in the business world, but emphasizing the importance of the support your company can provide is currently on the rise.

And it's for good reason, too. While many companies are just starting to expand into other specific sectors, like Customer Experience and Customer Success, these have always been the lifeblood of any company. Keeping your customers happy and engaged with your business is the only way to keep that business from going under, and ensuring your team has the right tools to support your customer base is crucial.

In an incredibly modern fashion, one of the best ways to do this is to provide your patrons with video content. This is a pretty common tool used by businesses today, and you're probably already working with an archive full of it already. However, ensuring that video content is optimized for your customers is crucial - and not something everyone considers.

Here are five key ways in which automatic transcriptions will improve your Customer Experience video content:

  1. Create Searchable Content
    Ensuring that your content has a text element to it means that it can be easily searched. While this is definitely helpful to other teams by providing things like easily marketable SEO, it specifically impacts your customers' experience in other ways. Allowing your customers to search through video content lets them find help quickly when they need it, meaning they won't need to engage with your support team but don't have a difficult time navigating on their own.
  2. Improve Time to Close
    Providing searchable content also greatly improves your time to close statistics. Having re-useable content at the ready for your customers means that their interactions with Customer Experience are shorter and therefore less costly to the business.
  3. Ensure Accessibility
    Your customer base is built up of so many different types of people. When you include closed captions on video content, each and every one of them can enjoy it. Machine transcribed audio is the fastest and easiest way to generate captions for your videos, meaning that accessibility for all users is just a few clicks away!
  4. Repurpose Content
    Let's face it, you work really hard on your video library. It takes a lot of time and effort to create quality content, and video content can be some of the most time-consuming of all. Why not reuse all the incredible work you've put in for other projects? With automatic transcription software, it's easy to repurpose video content into blog posts, help centre articles, and even scripted responses to your customer's frequently asked questions.
  5. Provide a Flawless User Experience
    We know that customer experience is your first priority. Create a world-class one by providing quick, accessible, and searchable content to your customers. Once they see your new and improved video content, they won't want to go back to anything less (which is bad news for your competitors and great news for retention!).

Machine transcribed audio can do this plus so much more for the video content your Customer Experience team is utilizing. Ensure they have the right tools at their disposal and keep your most important team prepared to ensure your experience is the best one customers have to choose from.