How to Optimize Product Management with Automated Transcription Software

How to Optimize Product Management with Automated Transcription Software

Any PM knows how important an optimized workflow is when it's built into your product, but when was the last time you considered how it's built into the way you work? Ensuring that you have the tools and resources to complete tasks effectively and efficiently helps keep you sharp so your projects can stay that way, too.

Product Managers know how to prioritize when it comes to planning and building software, but often don't consider the same factors when it comes to themselves.

Here are seven important ways in which machine transcribed audio can optimize your workflow as a Product Manager:

  1. Automate Outside of the Box
    When we consider automated processes, most initiatives involve running scripts or utilizing integrations to save time with repeatable tasks. This is often considered for things like data entry or reporting, but have you ever considered using automation to adapt your own performance? It may just be the key to success you never knew you were missing.
  2. Enhance Time Management
    By reducing the amount of time it takes to write anything down, you can spend those saved minutes, hours, or even days on what's really important. Stop scribbling down to-do lists and start to do instead!
  3. Ease of Access
    Providing yourself with quick access to the text you need without any of the manual work required to record it is simply a no-brainer.
  4. Heighten Accuracy
    Let's face it, humans are fallible. If you haven't accepted it by now, then I'm sorry to be the one to break the news - but the first step to improvement is acceptance. When you accept the fact that your brain is not a failsafe solution to storing information, you can start to look for more reliable solutions. Machine transcribed audio saves everything you need in text so you never need to sacrifice brain space to hold all those minute little details.
  5. Improve Roadmapping
    Integrating machine transcribed audio into your everyday tasks allows you to see the benefits of this tool in a way you may not have previously considered. This shines a light on how you might want to integrate it into your own roadmap and add to what you offer. It also allows you to work up to becoming a subject matter expert on the many ways it can benefit you as a user, which is then easy to pass onto consumers of your own product.
  6. Take on What's Trending
    Working in tech provides a unique opportunity to jump on the bandwagon while the trend is still hot. Automated transcription is nothing new, but it's certainly increasing in popularity as a device and there's no sign that will stop any time soon. Take advantage of the timing to start using machine transcribed audio while you're still one of the early adopters.
  7. Stay Ahead of the Curve
    Implementing automated transcription software into customer-facing products and internal workflows is definitely taking off (and is expected to continue doing so). While it's absolutely not a new feature, adding transcription capabilities to your existing features is an incredible way to keep your product fresh and in demand on the market.

A field like Product Management is one of the most crucial to a business's success. By accessing the tools and resources you need, Product Managers can mobilize to their peak capabilities. Get started with automated transcription software from Vocalmatic today to reap all these rewards and more.