How to Use Automated Transcription Software in Customer Experience

How to Use Automated Transcription Software in Customer Experience

What is Machine Transcribed Audio?

Machine transcribed audio is (ironically) a text file or document that has been generated by software based on an audio file. Essentially, a machine listens to your audio or video recording and transcribes every word. Creepy, or cool? We'll let you decide! With automated transcription software, you have the capability to transcribe any audio into text content with the click of a button - no typing required!

What is Automated Transcription Software?

Automated transcription software is the tool that creates machine transcribed audio. With automated transcription software, you can turn any audio content into text content, or create accompanying text to go with your existing files. Imagine never having to write anything down ever again!

What can I use Machine Transcribed Audio for?

Machine transcribed audio can be used anywhere you normally need to insert text - but allows you to do so without ever typing a word! When you use automated transcription software, all your text content can be generated automatically, allowing you to save time and energy. This can be used to create documents, simple transcripts, closed captioning on videos, or anything else you can think of.

How Can I get started?

Getting yourself and the rest of your Customer Experience Team started is as simple as taking the following steps:

  1. Shop Around for Software
    There are plenty of automated transcription services on the market today, and searching for different options will allow you to find the best fit for your Customer Experience needs (but Vocalmatic always has you covered by saving time transcribing audio and video into text! To learn more about Vocalmatic, visit our website here).
  2. Engage with the Product
    Take advantage of a free trial or request a demo of the product you're interested in. Testing out software before you purchase it is the best way to vet your final purchase and ensure your budget is going to good use!
  3. Swipe that Card!
    Once you've selected the software that works for you, it's time to check out!
  4. Educate Your Users
    A formalized training session is always the best way to roll out new internal tools or processes. Set up time with your team to take a look at the software together, from top to bottom, so they have a solid understanding of how to use it.
  5. Test the Waters
    After your team has had a formal introduction to their new addition, give them some time to log in and mess around with it. Hands-on learning is a great way for your team to get familiar with new products and their features which means that when it comes time to officially implement them, they'll be ready. Scheduling this time is a small investment but will have a huge return for your team, your business, and you!

When you're ready to get your Customer Experience team started with automated transcription software, Vocalmatic is ready for you! Get started today to enhance your team's workflow, tools, and overall experience at work.