Three Ways Machine-Transcribed Audio Will Help You Hit Your Targets

Last week we talked a bit about why you should be both recording and transcribing the sales calls you make. The most prevalent of these reasons, however, is of course improving your numbers.

Working in the competitive environment of sales, you need every advantage you can get when it comes to either hitting or exceeding those targets. Working smarter starts with automatic transcriptions of your sales calls. This can be the advantage you need to really stand out as a salesperson and allows you to hit those targets right where it hurts.

Here are three of the most prominent ways in which automatic transcriptions of your sales calls will help improve your sales.

Qualifying Leads

By automatically transcribing your sales calls, you are immediately provided with an accurate text document of everything that was said during each call. With this text you have the capability to easily identify objections using other automation. processes. Because this is all automatic, you now have the capability to objection handle on future calls, whether it is in general or with a specific client, without even lifting a finger. Qualifying your leads allows you to sell to the clients who are most likely to buy from you, and doing so using automated processes lets you rake in that dough without even having to step into the kitchen.

Replicating Success

With a transcription of each of your calls, you can easily look back at them in order to see where you're doing well (or, if you want, where you're doing poorly so you can improve upon your existing techniques!). Using other automations, or even just reading back over past calls, it's easy to see where you've done well or where potential customers have gotten particularly interested in your pitch. Replicating these situations on future calls, whether they're followups with the same leads or cold calls with new ones, will allow you to efficiently close future deals.

Saving Time

Transcribing your calls is helpful for a ton of reasons, and way more than we've listed here.  By automatically transcribing your calls, you can still take advantage of all the benefits while also saving time on what would otherwise be a manual transcription process. You also have access to the aforementioned benefits of transcribing your calls without having to spend even more time working towards those advantages, such as qualifying leads and replicating success - otherwise very time consuming processes. Overall, using machine-transcribed audio lets you put time back in your day that would otherwise be spent painstakingly chipping away at small tasks which an automatic transcription takes care of for you.

Transcribing sales calls in general is helpful for a lot of reasons, but overall it allows you to take more time and energy to focus on hitting those targets (or even exceeding them). With these reasons (and more!), there's no reason not to transcribe your calls, and getting started right away could be the key to ensuring your personals sales goals are met as soon as this quarter.