While automated transcriptions of your sales calls have the ability to improve your daily life in a sales role, they also have the ability to replicate your current success for future use. Taking the steps to get started with machine transcribed audio today could be the first step in improving future success in your career.

To outline this, here are the top five ways that automated transcriptions will help you replicate your sales success:

Facilitating Product Improvements

Tracking requests for your sales leads allows you to get real time feedback about the product you're selling from actual users of said product. Easily tracking what people want and need gives you the information required for internal product improvements, and it allows you to reach out to the people who have asked you for specific features as soon as they are available. With automated transcriptions, you can do this without having to painstakingly and manually track the changes and features that potential clients are looking for.

Creating Repeatable Scripts

Having past call scripts at your fingertips allows you to determine exactly which ones have worked best for you and your clients. With easy access to this information, you're able to create scripts for future calls using past tactics that have the highest success rate, and you can do all of this without ever taking a single note by hand.

Identifying Top Leads

With automatically transcribed text, you have the ability to identify keywords in each call that indicate whether or not a lead is likely to buy from you. For example, if one transcript has the word "maybe" ten times and another has "yes" twenty times, well... hopefully it's clear which lead you want to call back with more urgency. Once you get a good handle on which keywords are more successful in your calls, you can take this a step further and look for the same information during the qualifying process. This way you're focussing only on your top leads, which can be identified automatically and without much effort on your part.

Increasing Accuracy

Keeping a text file of all your calls is a simple way to ensure the accuracy of any new contracts you're sending out. If there is ever a dispute from a client, you have the ability to check your initial conversations with them. With a call transcript, you ensure that your contract is accurate the first time, and you have the information to back it up if need be - saving Future You any potential hassle, and allowing you to focus on closing new deals rather than rehashing problems with existing ones.

Closing Deals in Record Time

There are always going to be things you need to remember from your phone calls, whether it's something you need to follow up on or key details you have to write into a contract. We spend a lot of time every day simply writing stuff down, but by automatically transcribing your calls you'll never need to take another note again! All the time you're saving eventually adds up, and having this time back allows you to spend more time prepping for future calls.

Selling More

Who doesn't want to increase their numbers? Whether you're trying to get ahead or just trying to meet your targets, saving time with automated transcriptions allows you to spend that time chasing more leads and closing more deals. With automated transcriptions providing every benefit listed above and then some, you'll have more time and make more sales.

Overall, automated transcription software can have a huge impact on your career today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your working life. To replicate your current success in sales tomorrow, get started today with an automated transcription software.