8 Places to Find Automatic Transcription Software in the Wild

8 Places to Find Automatic Transcription Software in the Wild

Automated transcription software may seem like a super advanced product only used by professionals, but the truth is that you probably see it used (or even use it yourself) every single day. Basically everything you do in a day can be accomplished with the use of speech to text capabilities.

Here are a few ways in which you might already be using automated transcription software in your daily life (and if you aren't, maybe you'll want to start after reading this!)

Smart Speakers & Voice Commands

Smart speakers are an ever-growing way that machine transcribed audio is creeping into our lives and likely into your home. With a smart speaker and their available voice commands, you can effortlessly complete tasks at home without ever having to press a single button.

Voice Assistants

Voice-activated assistants are a great way to use your personal devices in a hands-free manner. Write texts, make calls, or even write a whole article just like this one by speaking into your phone or laptop!

Speech Recognition at the Ignition

Speech recognition in cars has become a critical way for people to stay safe while they drive. It allows drivers to answer calls or messages while at the wheel without ever picking up their phone. It can help to complete any personal tasks while you're on the go but eliminates the distraction doing so might otherwise cause. Whether you need to add something to your grocery list or set a reminder for later, automated transcription software ensures that, whether in life or on the road, you're always in the driver's seat.

Learning from Home

As so many of us have found over the last year, learning from home can be difficult - but there are also benefits that came with your new learning environment. When you're alone in your own space you can completely eliminate note-taking by using speech to text technology, allowing you to simply speak out loud while your device writes down everything for you. Bet you couldn't have made it that easy in a busy classroom!

Searching with voice commands is a great way to pull up information or locate something you're looking for by simply asking an empty room your questions and having a smart speaker or mobile device respond back with whatever you need.

Financial Voice Recognition

Most people use their finances every day, and many financial institutions are starting to use speech resignation to make your use of their services more effortless. By allowing your bank to recognize your voice, making calls to them or accessing specific information over the phone becomes available a lot faster and with a lot less of a hassle - all while your finances even more secure.

Hands-Free Email Composition

Using speech to text is a great way to take your words per minute and double them without even typing at all. Simply speak into your phone to speedily and easily compose emails, or anything else text-based, by using speech to text.

Everyday Accessibility

All these things and more are great examples of how everyday activities and tasks become more accessible to anyone who might need the help of text-based content. There are a million things that a hearing-impaired person, for example, may require this type of assistance for that can easily be accommodated with the use of automated transcription software.

Get started with Vocalmatic to find more everyday uses for machine transcribed audio in your own life!