Learn How Using Machine Transcribed Audio in Sales Can Benefit The Company as a Whole

In past articles, we have outlined at length the many different ways that automated transcription software can benefit your Sales Team. If you've been keeping up with our past posts about Sales and the use of automated transcriptions, it's quite likely that your Sales Team has already been set up with at least the basics of automatic call transcription (and if they haven't been, it's never too late to get started today!)

While the salespeople in your company take advantage of every benefit machine transcribed audio has to offer, their use of it is likely benefiting the rest of the company as well, whether or not that's completely conspicuous.

Whether you work in or adjacent to Sales, the use of automated transcription software within the Sales Team can positively impact your work, and here are a few specific areas where this is the case:

Customer Service

Customer Service is a department that, in most cases, works fairly closely with Sales. Whether their direct interaction with Sales comes sooner or later in the client journey, customer service agents are working at all times with people that have come through the sales pipeline. This is a very clear example of how automated transcription software used by Sales can have a direct impact on other departments because of how close these teams generally work with each other. The benefits of transcribed sales calls flow without deviation into the customer service world. Improving the sales experience for clients allows them to move quickly and smoothly through the sales process. This means that by the time they get to a customer service agent they have already had a great experience which simply needs to be maintained rather than improved or  * gulp * salvaged.

Product Management

Sales calls are often the most crucial time in which client feedback is received. Gathering this information allows Sales to provide feature requests and other improvements to the Product Team - but not if they don't have the time to do so. Automatically transcribing these sales calls will allow for this feedback to be recorded without the hassle. It can then be easily passed on to Product and can help to create more accurate roadmaps that prioritize what customers actually want and need.

Executive Level Management

Automated transcriptions allow for simplicity in both collecting data and training your team. While sales calls contain an immense amount of valuable data, it's not normally accessible unless you can to listen to every single call in order to get it. This data, which can now be automatically transcribed, allows for more accurate decision making at an executive level. The automation aspect also gives everyone more time back which grants management the freedom to focus on what really matters, whether that means coaching your Sales Team or planning ahead for their (and the company's) future.

Using automated transcription software within Sales is certainly of great benefit to that tam specifically, but doing so also allows every other aspect of your company to thrive. Whether you're on a team that's been listed here or not, machine transcribed audio used in Sales is of great benefit to you, no matter what your area of expertise.