In this quick read, you'll discover the top 5 types of apps you need to download before school starts. I mean, you don't need to. Don't let us tell you what to do! But if you want the upcoming school year to be both remote and manageable, we highly recommend downloading the types of software listed here.

Starting school in the fall can be a stressful time. It's easy to romanticize the return to the classroom with shopping for school supplies and planning your cozy fall wardrobe, but what comes after all the preparation is (let's be real) a lot of hard work. On top of that, a lot of students are going to need to brave the added stress of learning remotely. Is it the fact that Halloween is just around the corner, or does that sound scary to anyone else?

To curb the sudden jolt into the school year, making sure you have software like the ones we've listed below will turn your remote semester from a horror show to a fairytale.


Playing a game probably wasn't the first thing you were expecting on a list about success in academia, but the logic behind this choice definitely gets a passing grade! Playing certain games can improve your attention span and increase your short term memory. By downloading a few games that improve your learning skills, and making sure to limit your time playing them to around 20-30 minutes a day, having a few games downloaded to your device can actually help you learn!


Realistically, you can take your notes down anywhere; but choosing a powerful note-taking app as opposed to the one that came pre-installed on your computer can make all the difference in the world. Certain apps will provide better capability to share notes between yourself and your classmates, while others will have extensive options for organizing your study material. Choosing the note-taking software or app that works best for you will also work best for your studies. How did they ever manage back in the pen and paper days?!

Audio Transcription

Having audio transcription software available to you while you're a student is a game changer, and we're not just saying that! Machine-transcribed audio is a huge time saver and has a various array of benefits for remote students. Audio transcription can save a chunk of time that you would normally spend on things like note-taking, writing papers, and researching - and as any student knows, time is precious (especially when you're cramming for that midterm at the last second).

Learning from home may save some time commuting to campus, but imagine spending that time catching up with your friends or sleeping in as opposed to painstakingly transcribing your own lecture notes. Thank me later for this one!

Messaging Platform

Having a messaging platform available on your computer is essential for the upcoming remote semester. Using one centralized space where you can communicate with professors, TAs, and other students will ensure you're still able to stay in contact with everyone you need to speak to during the approaching school year, even if you're not all sitting in the same lecture hall. While you may not get to choose which one it is (some schools have standardized messaging platforms), at least be sure to download the assigned program so you're able to reach out to anyone you need from home.


It's important to take breaks! But just because you're resting doesn't mean you can't make the most out of making time for yourself. Having a meditation app can turn 20 minutes of down time into a solid moment of solitude. Having a clear mind and a calm mindset will make all the difference when your study break is over.

We all know the upcoming semester isn't going to be the easiest one you've ever had. There are certainly challenges that come with learning remotely full time! But by reviewing with the tools we've covered here, you're bound to be far more prepared than you were five minutes ago, and that's your only homework (for now).