The Top 10 Objections to Machine Transcribed Audio You May Want to Reconsider

The Top 10 Objections to Machine Transcribed Audio You May Want to Reconsider

Automated transcription software can improve efficiency, speed, and almost every other aspect of your daily life. But even where there are unlimited pros, cons can always tag along. There are plenty of reasons why you might not want to utilize machine transcribed audio, but most of the reasons you have in mind are standing in your way of experiencing all the benefits your utilization brings.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you might not want to use automated transcription software that you may want to reconsider:

New software is too confusing to implement

When you implement a change to your team's processes, it can take some time to get used to them. This can cause frustration and may even double down on any other existing objections. However, with something as easy to use as automated transcriptions, it's a breeze to implement within your organization.

How do I know I'll use it?

Machine transcribed audio is a game changer, but even if you're unsure of its potential uses you can always give it a shot at to be completely sure.

I know I won't use this

Even if you're fully convinced that you won't use this product yourself, there are plenty of reasons why others in your organization may appreciate having access to it. You never know, you may even find a use for it as well!

I need to consult my team before committing

This one is honestly fair! For the most part, it is best to consult team members and decision makers before implementing a change in process, but this is a tool we're sure they'll utilize. And if you do want to check with them before making the call, we'll always be here when you're ready.

Contracts are too restricting

Luckily, with Vocalmatic, there are no contracts or restricting commitments. You can use what you need when you need it without having to worry about signing a contract.

I've used this software before and didn't enjoy it

If you've tried automated transcription software in the past and it didn't work for you, it may be the best time to give it another shot.

Speech to text is just a passing trend

Machine transcribed audio may just be taking off in the last few years, but there's no sign of it slowing down any time soon. Besides, making your life more efficient is never a trend, it's timeless! Soon you'll wonder how you ever lived without a resource like automated transcription software.

Software costs too much

New software can be a hassle when it comes to justifying the cost, but with a price-point as reasonable as ours there's no way to go wrong!

There's no room in the budget

Much like that last point, it won't take a day to rearrange your budget to afford this new software. Lower price points with high returns ensure that what you're paying is worth the cost without having to sacrifice any of your other tools or services.

I don't think you can help me

In all fairness, we'll never know until we try! To test out automated transcription software and all its benefits, head over to Vocalmatic today.