Using machine transcribed audio within Sales has the potential to improve every aspect of your team's work, and while it may seem like a huge project to add text components to your audio and video content, it's really just as simple as a few extra keystrokes.

Automatic transcription software allows you the capability to improve the content you've already created for prospects and potential leads. A lot of hard work and care goes into this content, typically involving multiple sectors of your business, but without the use of text in things like demos, video tutorials, and even your calls, you're missing out on marketing to a huge percent of the population. Luckily, we're here to help you fix that.

Automated audio to text technology is a small last step that you can add to your current content to step it up by leaps and bounds. Here are just a few examples of potential improvements you might just be missing out on:

  1. Creating Accessible Demos
    Demos are easily the best resource for potential customers. Interacting with a product or service before purchasing it is a major selling point that adds value to what you're selling. Ensuring these calls or videos have captions and other text content means they can be accessed by everyone, and that they can access everyone. Text is much more reliable at ensuring your public-facing content shows up in SEO-optimized searches, meaning that the clients come to you. Text also ensures that all audiences are able to engage with your content no matter what their abilities are.
  2. Easily Recreating Tools
    By adding automatic transcriptions to your audio or video content, whatever it may be, you allow for easy access to a text copy of your materials that can be easily replicated. This lets you reuse scripts that are working while improving those that aren't, and easily ctrl+c / ctrl+v your content from one usage to another quickly and effectively.
  3. Remembering the Finer Details
    I'm sure we've all been there, but have you ever experienced a call with someone who seems so keen on signing a contract, but has a thousand and one questions about it first? Or a prospect who needs a whole novel of information before they're ready to book a call with you? While it's so important to provide potential customers with what they need, doing so is a huge time hog. Using machine transcribed audio on your sales calls makes it easier to track all the small things that your clients need so you never forget even the tiniest detail after you've hung up with them.

While these are only a few examples of concrete ways automated transcription software can improve your Sales tools, they are definitely compelling ones. These potential changes take little to no effort on your part yet provide a world of promising improvements that potential clients will definitely notice (and love!). Considering that, how could you not want to get started?

Vocalmatic is here 👏 for 👏 it 👏 (and for you, too!) so you don't have to wait to. get started.