Transcription Trends on TikTok

Transcription Trends on TikTok

Regardless of whether you're a regular user of the video-based app or not, you're probably familiar with at least a handle of popular TikTok videos. This particular social media platform was the most popularly downloaded app in 2020 for the entire world - and that doesn't take into account how much content has been cross-posted on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Unless you're completely living off the grid, it's likely that even the most infrequent users of tech have recently seen a video that originated on TikTok.

In watching this content, there is one very clear trend that is a crucial aspect of the success TikTok has seen over the last year; and it's likely one you've noticed or even appreciated at some point, but maybe haven't thought that much about.

Here's why automated transcription software and video captions have been a crucial aspect of the app's recent success:

Improved Accessibility

The growing connection we have with others through the internet has made the differences in our lives more apparent than it ever has been. At this point, creators are very aware that not everyone has the same capabilities, and a huge benefit to come out of this awareness is realizing how important captions are when it comes to video content. Whether you speak another language, can't hear at all, or need the clarity of captions for any other reason, seeing them pop up on a video you're about to watch is often a huge relief, let alone a dealbreaker that often has users swiping to the next video on their fyp (Read: For You Page). Adding captions to your videos is one way to ensure all users can watch them, and who doesn't want to be inclusive to all audiences?

Content Under Any Circumstance

Scrolling through other apps, like Instagram, is generally considered a mainly visual activity. TikTok is a video-based app, so you would assume that people don't open it unless they're able to listen to the audio on each video. But this isn't always the case! It's sometimes not possible to watch TikTok videos with the sound on. Whether you're distracted during a zoom meeting where you're not muted or if you simply require accommodations when it comes to a hearing impairment, captions allow everyone in any scenario to watch these videos no matter who or where they are.

Increased Visibility

While this hasn't been confirmed as an existing addition to TikTok's automated transcription feature, it is possible to use captions to affect the visibility of videos. If the algorithm recognizes that you often skip videos without captions and frequently heart the ones that have them, this data could be used to more often show you captioned content.

Automated Transcription Improvements

These features and more have lead to the improvement of captioning during video creation and as a whole across other forums. What used to be an incredibly manual and time-consuming process is now as easy as the click of a button in the app. Adding transcriptions to videos you create is possible right where you would normally post them and is completely automated so you never have to lift a finger (or, if you want to get technical, a thumb).

Whether you're a TikTok star with millions of followers or your niece showed you a TikTok one time on her iPad, it's clear that captions benefit all users of the platform. Automated captions create a better experience for all viewers and creators, and who wouldn't want that? Because this has been a very clear trend on TikTok specifically, it's no wonder the app has gained so much popularity in the last year.

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