If you're a student who records lectures, you've probably wondered if it's possible to automatically turn them into notes. With the help of Vocalmatic, it's definitely possible. Learn more about getting started with auto-transcription here.

An aside:
Back when I went to school, it never occurred to me that I should record my lectures. To be fair, I was studying computer science, so it wouldn't have made a lot of sense, but as I took more courses like philosophy and psychology (after switching to cognitive science), my professors did a lot more talking than coding so recording audio would have been more beneficial.

Below I'll outline some of the benefits of both recording the audio and why you should auto-transcribe the lecture audio.

Cross-Referencing your handwritten notes with your lecture recording will be much easier to do

Let's say your professor said something super important 3/4ths of the way into your lecture. If you were taking notes while in class, it will be much easier to reference that part of the lecture recording in your notes. Should you want to revist that part of the lecture while studying, you can get way more context from your notes by both listening and re-reading what you've written.

You can sort of think about it like a way to "bookmark" your audio recording for future reference. Auto-transcription can help make this easier!

You'll have a searchable and indexable collection of quotes to use for your notes

The other side to that is if you happen to miss something in lecture, but vaugely remember a key point that was said, you can count on your transcription to find it.

Simply ctrl+f and search for some words that might lead you to the part you are looking for.

It can be easier to follow along with your recording

Finally building on the points above, having some sort of subtitle for your audio recording can make it easier to absorb and follow along. Personally, I prefer to watch TV or movies with subtitles so I can easily follow along and understand what is going on.

If I had this as a student, I feel like my studying would have been more efficient!

That's all I can think of so far, but if you have any comments as to what having a transcript for your lecture audio recordings would be useful, I've love to hear about it. Leave a comment below or let me know on Twitter!