Here's Why Your Video Content Can't Survive without Captions

Here's Why Your Video Content Can't Survive without Captions

We are quickly catching up with the times when it comes to accessibility online, and while we have definitely advanced to some degree we still have miles to go in terms of improvements. When we think two or three years into the future, it's very clear that the video content you're creating won't survive without the use of automated transcription software.

In what resembles a trend, everyone online is beginning to hop on the caption train when it comes to video content. Even a large majority of TikTok creators are captioning their videos, something that caught on very quickly across the platform despite the fact that it was never required. But this isn't a trend. This is a huge step forward in creating lasting content that is able to reach everyone, now and down the line. For the most part people on TikTok really grasp the concept that everyone interacts with content differently and that you should be able to watch a fun 60-second video just the same as anyone else scrolling the For You Page.

Marketing teams in particular can (and should) be taking a page out of this book - and not just because they need the text. Creating professional video content can be fairly simple, but in order for it to be good it has to be done right. This includes captioning your videos.

Here are a few ways that machine transcribed audio can easily better your video marketing content with a few simple clicks and just a couple of seconds:

  1. Transcribe Audio Automatically
    Captions are easy to add to your videos because you can automatically transcribe the video's audio into text. With the click of a button, a transcript is created that includes every word from your video. This allows you to provide accessible media marketing without having to write everything out.
  2. Create Captions Instantly
    You don't need to add any additional hours to an already time-consuming project. There's no waiting for manually created text, no extra team members coming in to assist - you can do it all yourself, and you can do it right now.
  3. Add Long-Term Value
    Captioning your videos isn't just helpful now, it's helpful later. While you might not be required to include them on your video content, it's a value-add that will benefit your viewers, which is also an investment in the future of your business. Because captions are being used for so much more video content than they ever have been, it's hard to envision a world where that growth starts to slow down. With the increase of captioned content, adding captions now ensures that your video marketing will always be relevant as it stays evergreen. And when it's this easy, you might as well start now and stay a few steps ahead!

Your Marketing Team is undoubtedly a quality group of people, and their content should reflect that. Captioning your videos with Vocalmatic ensures that their hard work, skill, and talent always shines through.