Out of the Swells #1 - There Once Was a Nanny From Nantucket

By Ghosts In The Burbs

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Welcome to Out of the Swells! While Wellesley remains the most haunted place on earth, it isn’t the only spooky place around. So... let’s travel out of the Swells, we’ll be reasonable and jet set just once a month. Premium Members will find future Out of the Swells ghost stories on Podbean for $1 per month. All the links will be in the show notes. But this first episode is as free as your relative’s advice over a holiday break. Now, throw on your cashmere wrap and put your kids in front of an educational app. Let’s hop aboard the Highline ferry.   Here’s Out of the Swells Ghost Story #1 - There Once Was a Nanny From Nantucket blog: ghostsintheburbs.wordpress.com twitter: @ghostintheburbs instagram: ghostsintheburbs email: ghostsintheburbs@gmail.com boo!    

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