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Welcome to Graft: a grisly dissection of New York's political underbelly. Over the last few years, your co-hosts Flip Pidot and Jim Coll have tormented the political machine with insurgent campaigns at the local, county, state and federal levels. A former fraud investigator and a retired NYPD detective, they're out to learn why New York ranks the most corrupt state in the nation and to equip you to do something about it. They're joined by those who know the system best - lawmakers, party bosses, hard boiled investigators, and renegade reformers. Flip and Jim are bringing you these insiders' tricks of the trade to help you track down the sleaze in your neck of the woods. When you do, we'll feature you on an upcoming episode. To subscribe or to contact the show, visit us at, email, or call (646) 450-4060.   Music from"Shaving Mirror" and "Hard Boiled" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY (

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