John Golden, CSO Pipeliner CRM Revenue Tip: Treat Prospects Like Clients.

By Rooted In Revenue

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Today's guest is John Golden, CSO at Pipeliner CRM. Susan asked him about his top revenue tip. He lit up and was very happy to share it. Take head you companies that offer trial subscriptions. Listen up - many logical ideas in this episode. The key to Pipeliner CRM's success has been establishing long term relationship with customers, not just win, but maintain them - especially with a subscription product. They do this through a number of methods. The strongest are: Free trainings Understand what are the business drivers that brought them to us in the first place. Periodically re-evaluate their goals to see if they need to adjust how they use our product to best meet those goals. What fails and has become typical throughout the software industries is to get them to take a trial and then try to sell it to them. Why would you not start at the first encounter with a prospect? Treat prospects like they are already customers; ESPECIALLY in trial process.Engage them with the people they are going to work with, so it's not just about their experience with the product, but the customer experience. John Golden talks about what they need to have the answers to: How do we make the customer experience a consistently positive one from the moment they engage with the brand whether, even from the trial; and how can we guide you to trial the CRM to fit their needs, rather than just hoping they'll figure it out during the trial period. Some of the other points covered included: You can have a host of inconsistent experiences with a company. That's common, we always default to our worst experience.Think of an airline trip - Great onboarding, great flight, customer service but then at the end, your bags are delayed and no one communicates why, or how long they will be. Now when someone asks you about your flight, that's the top of mind experience you mention. The 10 positive touch points were wiped out with the one negative. There is a massive economic value to a positive consistent customer service experience. Results? They are likely to be open to giving you a review, testimonial, and ultimately, may become an advocate for your brand and customer service. People remember how you made them feel. Clear communication will continue to build that trust - even when you mess up. Clear communication is critically important. Don't make promises that you are apt to keep kicking the can down the road. John's AHA moment:In this world of disconnected connectedness, where everyhone is trying to leverage techonlogy, treating people as people. Check out Pipeliner CRM - it's visual because pictures speak clearer to most.Easy to use, easy for management. - take a trial.  Take a trial the software AND trial the company as people.   More tips and guides on Susan's website

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