Episode 12: The Disappearance of Delaine Story: Part One

By Stand Up Speak Up

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About This Episode

This is the first episode in a series about missing and murdered native women in Canada. We head to Kenora, Ontario to tell the story of Delaine Copenace, a 16-year-old aboriginal girl who went missing one year ago and was found in Lake of the Woods a month later. We speak with her mother Anita Ross, who is still trying to make sense of her daughter’s death. You can read about Drew's journey investigating this episode on our blog. Check out some of our advocacy-wear clothing products here. Be sure to leave a comment on any of our podcast platforms before March 31st and get a chance to win a tee shirt.  Host and Producer: Karla Stephens-Tolstoy Researcher, Interviewer, Editor, and Co-producer: Drew Penner Music: >Quinton Larry Roy Cameron “Kenora Ontario,” “Pound Cake” https://soundcloud.com/quinton-larry-roy-cameron >Frequency Horizon “Delaine’s Theme,” “Hiking Cross-Island in 3 Hours,” “Telling the Story” http://soundcloud.com/frequencyhorizon http://frequencyhorizon.com >Lullatone “Tiny Glaciers” >Michael Taylor “West Georgia Opus 1” >Yuminale (Deane Holmes) “The Lacquered Bird” https://yuminale.com/album/371701/prevailing-perceptionhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/prevailing-perception/id1111730031 >psypad “You (Intro)” https://www.facebook.com/iampsypad https://soundcloud.com/psypad/you-intro?in=psypad/sets/sonos >Rumourtone https://rumourtone.bandcamp.com/releases https://www.soundcloud.com/rumourtone Running In Slow Motion “Falling” https://soundcloud.com/runninginslowmotion https://twitter.com/runningismotion/ Still Breathing Fire “She Rewards From Where She Stands” https://soundcloud.com/still-breathing-fire/ https://www.facebook.com/stillbreathingfire/ https://xixistixasbf.bandcamp.com/ Production: Thanks to the Vancouver Public Library Inspiration Lab http://www.vpl.ca/programs/cat/C1051 And a huge thank you to the Wachiay Aboriginal Multi Media (WAMM) studio http://www.wachiaymultimedia.com/

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