Episode 29: An Unwanted Entities Story: The Halloween Edition

By Stand Up Speak Up

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About This Episode

When tragedy strikes, Christian Cadieux and his team at Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners are called in to handle the cleanup. With crews across Canada, there’s nothing they haven’t seen, and nothing they’re afraid of. Some content in this episode may be disturbing. In today’s Stand Up Speak Up Halloween special, Christian talks with Karla about unwanted entities that can appear at crime scenes and other places. His new venture, Paranormal Contractors, uses what Christian claims to be a 100% effective method for removing these unwanted entities. Christian claims he has seen the unexplainable, and tells us how sometimes his work follows him home. In a never before seen video, which Christian has given Stand Up Speak Up to release, he claims that orbs followed him home from a crime scene and could be seen near his sleeping children. Be sure to check out the video! Host and Producer: Karla Stephens-Tolstoy Editor and Co-Producer: Joel at East Coast Radio Creative Links: http://crimescenecleaners.ca/ Crime Scene Paranormal Activity video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/zCJV9ENnEoE This episode contains music used under the CreativeCommons license: Holy Gol – Devil Do

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