Episode 193 - The Girl with the Masonic Tattoo

By The After Lodge Podcast

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Opening: Going Out In Style (Dropkick Murphys) Harlan tries "naked" e-juice Is anybody ever a "former" President? Tony goes on another past-chaplain rant Jeff can't identify the power button on a PC . . . or is it Mike's fault? The world's first "crypto heater" Our next big event: "pancakes for puppies" Nick is . . . afraid of ammunition? Or Masons with ammunition? Why do Protestants wear orange on St. Patrick's Day? Harlan's wife plans a lake trip with the Lodge Nick attempts to murder his father-in-law with a drone The woman with the Masonic tattoo Why don't Nick and Chuck Dunning come to our Lodge lake party? Closing: Drunken Lullabies (Flogging Molly) Email us at afterlodge@gmail.com Hang out with us on /r/AfterLodge Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @AfterLodge Join us on IRC: irc.snoonet.org #freemasonry

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