Episode 199 - For Deposit Only

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Opening: Take a Walk (Passion Pit) Welcome to the After Lodge Harlan show! With a load of blasphemy . . . it's Tony, right off the bat Tony takes the show to the bathroom . . . again What do Masons think of Athiests? Can a Mason have multiple wives, in locales where that is legal? Who is Bill Schnobelen? We passed some Fellow Crafts Jeff goes to visit a "better" Lodge We nerd out about ritual Why is McDonald's always out of ice cream? (hint: they aren't) John's Lodge of gypsies "There are more airplanes in the ocean than submarines in the sky" Closing: Still (Geto Boys) Email us at afterlodge@gmail.com Hang out with us on /r/AfterLodge Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @AfterLodge Leave us a voicemail at 215-792-3538 Join us on IRC: irc.snoonet.org #freemasonry

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