Episode 204 - Mason of the Year

By The After Lodge Podcast

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Opening: Telephone (Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé) Why can't Bruce just bring back the Glenn Beck whiteboard? You know nothing, John (Snow) What's new in entertainment? Congratulations to our Treasurer - Mason of the Year!!! . . . and we're gonna roast him, of course Now selling After Lodge branded CBD oil "My wife just took all of my man cards" Tony is live from the campaign trail Bruce goes on the keto diet What does your make Fellow Crafts do? Our Lodge has a new "professional" tenant during the week John sold his Lodge?! Innuendo with double entry accounting - we can do anything! Bruce gives a Dunkin' Donuts gift card to a cop Closing: Lawyers, Guns, and Money (Warren Zevon) Email us at afterlodge@gmail.com Hang out with us on /r/AfterLodge Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @AfterLodge Leave us a voicemail at 215-792-3538 Join us on IRC: irc.snoonet.org #freemasonry

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