Episode 205 - Will the Chaplain Please Stand Up?!

By The After Lodge Podcast

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Opening: Man! I Feel Like a Woman (Shania Twain) Are all milk men as grumpy as Bruce? John leaves York Rite for the Widow's Sons U.G.L.E. decides that the parts really make the man . . . is this how the infiltration starts? Former Tennessee big-wig scared straight Nick likes to quote from expensive books The Chaplain doesn't answer to the Master?! What insanity is this?! Nick is again shocked that people listen to this show Does money change people? Or is it alcohol? Harlan becomes a teetotaler - sweet tea on the rocks Who is this "Masonic Jesus"? Closing: God's Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash) Email us at afterlodge@gmail.com Hang out with us on /r/AfterLodge Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @AfterLodge Leave us a voicemail at 215-792-3538 Join us on IRC: irc.snoonet.org #freemasonry

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