Episode 222 - Missing Meetings

By The After Lodge Podcast

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Opening: I Ran So Far Away (A Flock of Seagulls) Did Harlan forget how to do the show, it's been so long? We've been busy editing down the fifth reunion show . . . it's coming Harlan finally (went) broke and is moving "on up" Suckering the Brothers in to helping move How could the Lodge run without the USPS? It probably couldn't Jeff had a stay in the hospital What happened with the M.W. of Georgia? What could make you leave the Craft? We survived the District Meeting Closing: We Didn't Start the Fire (Billy Joel) Email us at afterlodge@gmail.com Hang out with us on /r/AfterLodge Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @AfterLodge Join us on IRC: irc.snoonet.org #freemasonry

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