Ep. 009 - So, you wanna be a developer?

By The Bob & Kevin Show

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About This Episode

In this episode, we are joined by special guest, Marcin Zajkowski, (@zajkowskimarcin on twitter and instagram) and we discussed what we think it takes to be a developer in this day and age and the various paths you can take to get there. We compared and contrasted traditional and not so traditional paths to becoming a technology professional today. Marcin also shared some of his experiences with helping to teach young developers (starting at age 5!) and the techniques, platforms and course designs that he has been involved with in this role. Did we answer the big questions on how to best be a developer.... hmmm, you will have to listen and see, but if you are interested in what it takes to be a developer, or what you should know to be a developer, or what path you should take to become a developer - this episode might be for you! As always, please leave your comments about what you liked, maybe didn't like or what you would love to hear more of -- and THANKS!

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