Ep. 039 - Technology on the moon, space travel to mars, Joe Rogan #1309 with Naval Ravikant and a bunch more!

By The Bob & Kevin Show

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Well, we kicked of the show this week discussing some of showbot's new skills and quickly jumped into some Artificial Intelligence discussions from a recent Joe Rogan episode with Naval Ravikant. We then talked about the potential sale of "Have I Been Pwned?" which was created by Troy Hunt. Finally (about 26 minutes in) we kicked off the show to discuss our main topic - the tech of space. As usual, Kevin had plenty of notes and was well prepped to try and trap the ever elusive Bob. Also, as per usual, Bob was ill prepared to discuss the tech of space travel, but somehow managed to hold his own (he thinks... LOL). Have a listen, let us know your thoughts on the episode and things you would like to hear us discuss more and the crap you don't want us to talk about any more.

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