Ep. 041 - Podcast on podcasting inspired by Joe Rogan with Kevin Smith #1123 and many, many others

By The Bob & Kevin Show

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About This Episode

First... Big thanks to all our listeners - we are on the cusp of 3000 listens and we just had our best month ever in June... so thanks! Now on to the episode notes: Yup, we know there are about a million podcasts, by podcasters, about podcasting... but we wanted to share our thoughts on why we started, how we go about the show and what gear we use from a hardware and software perspective. Sure there is some talk about Twitter and virtue signaling in there somewhere too! Feel free to drop us a line on twitter: https://twitter.com/bobandkevinshow and let us know what tech topics you want us to cover next! "if you are interesting at all... do a podcast" - Joe Rogan

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