EP#11: The Solo Trip

By The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast

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About This Episode

The inspiration for this episode came from a post on one of my favourite Vegas-related Facebook pages, "Talk Las Vegas", where a gentleman named Michael was asking about whether or not he should do a solo trip to Las Vegas after his travel partner cancelled on him. I myself have done numerous solo trips and have a blast every single time.  So, I thought I'd share my thoughts on travelling alone to Vegas as well as a few tips & tricks on things to do, where to eat and - most importantly - how to stay safe when travelling solo! If you're planning on a solo trip to Vegas, check out these links: - The Vegas Solo...The definitive website for solo travellers headed to Vegas - Vegas Bright's guide for female solo travellers headed to Vegas - including some great safety tips - Frontdesk Tip's complete guide to visiting Vegas as a solo traveller  

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