EP#13: Leaving It All On The Table

By The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast

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I have a confession to make: I'm approaching my 27th trip to Las Vegas in the last 5 years and in all of that time, not once have I ever played a table game.  I've never played a hand of Blackjack or Poker, I've never tossed the dice in a game of Craps and I've never placed a bet at a Roulette table. Why is that?  There's a few reasons - some of which include anxiety, intimidation, a past negative experience with a "casino troll" and the fact that I simply don't know how to play a lot of the table games.  To help me out with these issues, I decided to talk to an expert and bring her on the show! This episode, I'll be joined by Heather Ferris, the CEO and Founder of Vegas Aces, the world's first FREE online dealing trade school where regular folks like me can learn how to deal AND play casino table games!  For more info on Vegas Aces and what Heather has to offer, check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!   Also in this episode: - Seems like we were a bit "ahead of the curve" with Episode #11: The Solo Trip; A article posted last week on the New York Post's website shows that, according to a recent survey, Americans are travelling alone more than ever before. - And Fremont Street Experience released their list of headliners for the 2019 Downtown Rocks Summer Concert Series.  Performers this year include Good Charlotte, Nelly, Smashmouth, Sugar Ray and more!  Check out the complete list of artists & dates on the FSE Website.  

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