EP#26: The Truth Is Out There - Las Vegas & Area 51

By The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast

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Area 51... We've all heard the stories and seen it depicted in movies & television.  If pop culture & rumours are to be believed, it's a top secret installation in the Nevada desert where the United States military conducts classified activities - including research on alien spacecraft & technology as well as extraterrestrial beings. What's the Las Vegas connection to Area 51?  It's two-fold: First, it's well known that many Las Vegas residents work at Area 51, making the commute via Janet Airlines (they're the non-descript white planes with a red stripe that you've probably seen taking off & landing at McCarran International Airport). Secondly, due to Area 51's proximity to Las Vegas (it's only a 2-3 hour drive away), thousands of people each year make the drive out to see the gates and maybe get a glimpse of something...bizarre. Friend of the show & fellow Vegas Podcaster, Chris Kim, the host of Faces and Aces Las Vegas had the opportunity to talk to Braden & Dan who are the hosts of the Alien Theorists Theorizing Podcast about their journey to Area 51...as well as some of the "weirdness" they experienced on their trek to the gates. Chris was gracious enough to allow me to share the interview on my podcast...enjoy! Be sure to follow Alien Theorists Theorizing on Twitter & Instagram and take a listen to their show. For even more Vegas-related content, follow Faces And Aces Las Vegas on Twitter & Instagram and be sure to listen to the podcast. If you want to plan your own trek out to the fabled Area 51, check out this great article that outlines the best way to get to & from the back gate...and what to see along the way. Also, in this episode's Vegas News You Can Use: - A long-time Vegas hotspot has shut down - If you're in the mood for a cupcake, you'll have to go hunting somewhere other than the Linq Promenade - And more potential changes to the Las Vegas Strip as a piece of prime real estate gets sold

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