EP#7: The Crossover Follow-Up - We THOUGHT We'd Done Vegas

By The Jeff Does Vegas Podcast

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This week's episode is a nice little follow-up to last week's crossover with Faces And Aces: Las Vegas and the "So You Think You've Done Vegas" episode. After we posted our episodes on-line, Chris and I got talking about some of the things we missed on our lists (including a couple of REALLY embarrassing ones...ha ha!).  Then after we Tweeted out about the show, our followers starting sending us messages with their suggestions for things to add to the list. So, in no particular order, presented within this episode are a few "honourable mentions" for things you need to do in Vegas to officially say you've "done Vegas". And don't forget: I'll be in Las Vegas from February 3-6/2019, taking in Mondays Dark on February 4th (get your tickets - while they last).  If you'll be there too and want to hang out, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! Thanks so much for listening!  

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