Chapter 23: Suicide or Survive, What's the Story?

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Suicide or Survive (SoS) is an Irish charity which endeavours to challenge the stigma attached to mental illness. The founder and CEO of SoS joined us this week to tell us about the work of the charity and share her own story. Caroline McGuigan is a qualified psychotherapist who has battled with anxiety and depression for decades. She told us about how she survived her own attempt at suicide and after going through the system within Ireland for help,she was left frustrated with the help that was there. Channelling her frustration into productivity, Caroline went to Trinity College Dublin to study psychotherapy and at her own kitchen table started laying the foundations for what would become Suicide or Survive. A deeply personal and touching story, Caroline was very open and frank about her own struggles with depression and anxiety and the impact they have had on loved ones, even her own children. Caroline and her team at Suicide or Survive are leading the charge in removing the stigmas around suicide and mental health and replacing them with an unwavering respect for everyone's mental health. Danny, Mero & Lindsey are all delighted to be a part of this process and hope that this chapter of What's the Story? plays even the smallest part in helping to remove those stigmas.Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression affect one in four people in the world. A 2013 study by the Royal College of Surgeons found that over 50% of Irish youths suffer from mental health issues by the age of 24. If there is one message WTSpod wants our friends and supporters to hear it is that it is okay to be not okay. If you, or anyone you know, is affected by the issues discussed in this podcast or would like to seek help we would strongly encourage you to go to or - alternatively you can contact any of the WTSpod team in confidence and we'll help.   Samaritans 24hr free helpline: 116 123 SOS helpline: 1890 577 577 

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