Chapter 26: Tim Pat Coogan & The 1916 Rising

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2016 marks the centenary celebrations of a defining moment in Irish history. On Easter Monday, April 24 1916, a number of Irish men & women staged an armed rebellion against the British rule of Ireland. While ultimately The Rising ended in failure and the unconditional surrender of the Irish forces, it acted as a catalyst for future momentum in Irish freedom. Over 460 people were killed, including the executions of  all leaders of The Rising. Tim Pat Coogan is one of Ireland's leading historians and best selling authors. He has published a number of books on Irish history including biographies of Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera but also The Irish Famine, The Troubles in Northern Ireland and The H-Blocks, Irish diaspora, The IRA and many others.As we enter the 100th anniversary of 1916 Rising we decided we would talk to someone who has a tangible link to the past, Tim Pat gave us a detailed insight into the conditions for The Rising to take place. From Daniel O'Connell and Catholic emancipation to Charles Stewart Parnell and Home Rule. From the outbreak of World War 1 to the Irish in America.Explaining the lead up to Easter weekend 1916, Tim Pat also breaks down events of The Rising itself and talks about particular aspects of the surrender and executions of the leaders. His latest book, 1916 The mornings after documents these events in greater detail and is available to buy online and in book stores now. 

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